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David Schmidt releases KEGS emulator derivative GSport 0.2

To quote David: “If you haven’t seen GSport before, it is a derivative of Kent Dickey’s KEGS Apple IIgs emulator.  Virtual printer support from Chris Mason (now with plain text output!) and Uthernet emulation from Glenn Jones are the big-ticket improvements over that code base, along with other contributions gathered up from several other KEGS […]

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JACE Updated

JACE, the Java Apple Computer Emulator has been updated.  Per Brendan Robert’s comp.sys.apple2 post: 1) Concurrent modification exceptions have been eradicated when you apply settings changes.  These used to kill the emulation when you used the config screen to tweak settings or change disks.  I am very happy to say it works correctly as it […]

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Sweet16 v2.0b17 released UPDATED

Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd has made available Sweet16 2.0 Public Beta 2, otherwise known as Sweet16 2.0b17. In the author’s own words, this new version of the popular Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X adds a ton of features, including Ethernet networking support for Marinetti, joystick support, improved graphics, a very handy debugger for Apple […]