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Robot War Tournament canceled

Jimmy Maher of the excellentĂ‚ Digital Antiquarian blog wrote today to let us know that his proposed Robot War Tournament, which he first announcedĂ‚ here, has been canceled due to lack of interest. Ă‚ From Jimmy’s email: “Unfortunately… I just don’t think we can muster the participation necessary to make a tournament that feels, well, like a real […]

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Brian Fargo to fund Wasteland sequel through Kickstarter

According to this article over at IGN, Brian Fargo, the man behind the original Apple II hit Wasteland, wants to create a sequel and he’s looking to fund it through a Kickstarter campaign.  Plans are still vague at this point and the campaign has yet to go live, but you can read Brian’s thoughts on […]

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Eamon Deluxe 5.0 screen shots posted

The Eamon Adventurer’s Guild Online, the place for all things Eamon on the Internet, yesterday posted screen capture images of Eamon Deluxe 5.0 in action.  For those unaware, this is an effort to update and improve upon the original Eamon Deluxe.  A call for playtesters went out recently and it looks like the project is […]