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New JACE build released

Brendan Robert has released a new build of the Java Apple Computer Emulator (JACE).  According to Brendan’s post to comp.sys.apple2, this build includes the following: +New MetaCheat function lets you search for memory locations and alter them in the runtime.  It’s also really useful for snooping on memory as well.   +2MG disk support now […]

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JACE Updated

JACE, the Java Apple Computer Emulator has been updated.  Per Brendan Robert’s comp.sys.apple2 post: 1) Concurrent modification exceptions have been eradicated when you apply settings changes.  These used to kill the emulation when you used the config screen to tweak settings or change disks.  I am very happy to say it works correctly as it […]

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JACE Apple II emulator updated

Brendan Robert has released an update to JACE, a Java-based Apple II emulator.  Here’s a list of the latest changes, per his comp.sys.apple2 post: Changes since last build: -Better NTSC color emulation -Fixes to prevent crashes on start (race condition in video initalization) -Tweaks to sound timing -Experimental raw sound output (activate/deactivate with F7) -Help […]