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GET LAMP raw interviews posted

Documentary director and tech historian Jason ScottĂ‚ announced today that the raw interview footage from his most recently released film, GET LAMP: An Interactive Documentary, has been posted and is available for viewing over at the Internet Archive. Ă‚ Generally speaking, these interviews are extended versions of what you saw in the film, or items that for […]

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Prince of Persia source code rescue

The attempt to rescue the Apple II Prince of Persia source code from Jordan Mechner’s original diskettes is scheduled to happen today. Ă‚ Digital archivist and indy doc filmmaker extraordinaireĂ‚ Jason Scott volunteered to fly out to California today to make the magic, and also conscriptedĂ‚ 16sector’s Tony Diaz to assist. Ă‚ You can read up on the background […]

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John Romero discusses the Apple II memory map

Jason Scott has been hard at work filming his next set ofĂ‚ documentaries. Ă‚ As part of the process, Scott has been posting to his YouTubeĂ‚ channel “teaser” clips and “test footage” from some of the interviews he’s been conducting. Ă‚ Here’s one that might be of particular interest to Apple II users, in whichĂ‚ John Romero describes committing the […]

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Get Lamp text adventure documentary available for pre-order

Get Lamp, the text adventure documentary from Jason Scott, is now available for pre-order. The film, which will debut at the PAX East convention in Boston this March, costs $40 USD plus shipping. The package includes a two-DVD set with dozens of interviews; interactive, branching paths; retro-style package artwork; actual text adventures, including Eamon for […]

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Get Lamp distribution survey

Jason Scott, creator of BBS: The Documentary, continues his work on his next project: a documentary of text adventures entitled Get Lamp. Media distribution has changed much in the four years since Scott’s last release, and he’s looking for his audience’s perspective on how they want this next documentary delivered. To that end, he has […]

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Jason Scott to keynote KansasFest 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO — December 18, 2008 — Technology historian and documentarian Jason Scott will be the keynote speaker at KansasFest 2009, the world’s only Apple II computer convention. Scott, whose documentary about dial-up bulletin board systems was presented at KansasFest 2007, brings with him a comprehensive insight into the Apple II and its role […]

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Get Lamp launches its own blog

Jason Scott, creator of BBS: The Documentary, recently created a blog dedicated to his latest project, a documentary of text adventures. The new site, “Taking Inventory“, is “a weblog related to the production of the documentary Get Lamp and the general subject of interactive fiction.” A trailer for this film’s pending release is also available.