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Easy 6502 assembly language ebook

Still haven’t learned how to program your Apple II in its native language?  Maybe this “tiny ebook” is just what you need to get started.  Author Nick Morgan writes: In this tiny ebook I’m going to show you how to get started writing 6502 assembly language. The 6502 processor was massive in the seventies and […]

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John Romero discusses the Apple II memory map

Jason Scott has been hard at work filming his next set of documentaries.  As part of the process, Scott has been posting to his YouTube channel “teaser” clips and “test footage” from some of the interviews he’s been conducting.  Here’s one that might be of particular interest to Apple II users, in which John Romero describes committing the […]

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PLASMA – Proto Language Assembler for Apple

David Schmenk today introduced PLASMA.  According to David’s write-up, “PLASMA is a combination of virtual machine and assembler/compiler matched closely to the 6502 architecture.  It is an attempt to satisfy a few challenges surrounding code size, efficient execution, small runtime and fast just-in-time compilation.  By architecting a unique bytecode that maps nearly one-to-one to the […]